5 Best Acupressure Mats Reviewed (2019)

Acupressure mats are known for relieving various health issues like headache, lower back pain and sleep problems.

Acupressure is applied by using pressure against certain parts of the body to facilitate pain management and foster relaxation. It's based on the alternative practice of acupuncture except it doesn't use needles. It uses pressure instead.

In fact, the same process that massage therapists use in their practice are used in acupressure. It relieves tension and eases pain in the back, but also, it can reduce headaches and problems associated with sleep.

We've reviewed the best acupressure mats available today. The features that make an acupressure mat great are:

  • User friendlies
  • Non-toxicity
  • Easy to clean
  • Portability
  • Optimal number of pressure points

With clinically proven results available with an acupuncture mat, you might be wondering about the best acupressure mats available. These reviews should help make the decision easier.

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1. Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with Carry Bag

The number of acupressure spikes has a major influence on the relief received from the mat itself. Each button will have a certain number of spikes used to relieve pain and access your pressure points. The Nayoya Acupressure Mat has 6,210 points spread across 230 buttons with 27 spikes on each one.

In the neck alone, there are 1,782 points, which will help relieve tension and headaches that results from neck pain. One of the places that stress manifests itself is in the neck and shoulders, which can radiate to the back or the head.

The mat has a pillow that is included. This is how you'll target the neck. The mat and pillow are not connected, so you'll be able to direct the healing. The mat and pillow are dark green and white with a vinyl carrying bag with zipper. The handles make it easy for traveling.

With the Nayoya Acupressure Mat, you will improve your sleep, digestion and circulation, which will have a major influence on your overall health. It will also target nerve centers (on your back and on your feet) and pressure points to relieve specific pain in the neck and back including the debilitating pain that can come from sciatica.

Things That Customers Like

  • Customers found that the mat is great for business travel and stressful meetings. It's ability to roll the mat for storage and unroll for use is a huge benefit.
  • After 30-60 minutes of use, one customer felt like a brand new person. The customer recommended that anyone new to acupressure wear a thick shirt the first few times.
  • As a stress reliever, many customers recommend using it for 20 minutes before bed. It helps with sleeplessness.

Things That Customers Don't Like

  • The cost compared to other mats.
  • It needs to be handled carefully since it's full of spikes.

2. Spoonk Cotton Acupressure Massage Mat with Carrying Bag

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​There are 6,210 points of stimulation on the Spoonk Acupressure Mat. They are made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which won't weigh the mat down, but are incredibly durable. There are no glue toxins or petroleum-based plastics in the mat. To attach the points, they used heat.

The company prides itself on using natural materials – like cotton and hemp - in deference to the environment. They support ecological sustainability for society as a whole and individuals personally.

The mat comes in 3 colors: navy blue, pagoda blue and magenta. The lining of the Spoonk Acupressure Mat is 100 percent cotton while the cover is 45 percent cotton and 55 percent hemp. It's all organic. Even the dyes used in the coloring of the mats is natural, and the foam is eco-foam.

The pillow and mat are not attached, so the healing can be directed exactly where it's needed. It could be the shoulders, the middle of the back or the feet that you need the most relief. Using an acupressure mat has been known to target pain from fibromyalgia, herniated disc pain and tailbone soreness. It's incredibly effective for people who sit at a desk all day.

Things That Customers Like

  • Customers have said that after using the product, there's a euphoric feeling that can't be denied or explained. While it's not a deep massage, it's still pretty amazing.
  • Without using medication for the pain, customers have said they're able to get a quick fix before bed. When used with yoga and massage, it's like nirvana.
  • It's an affordable price compared to other mats. Users of the mat are finding relief relaxing on it each night while watching television. 

Things That Customers Don't Like

  • Customer service could be improved.
  • Some customers needed to wear a few shirts between his/her body and the mat.

3. ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Muscle Relaxation

As a source of sleepless nights, pain and bad circulation can be a serious concern. The acupressure mat is meant to help you sleep and reduce fatigue throughout the day. It releases endorphins that can block pain and allow you to get a good night's sleep. Lay on the mat before bedtime or in the morning before you head off to work.

The ProSource Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points. In the neck, there are 1,782 points, which gives you almost 8,000 pressure points. This will help you alleviate serious neck pain that can be the result of tension as well as shoulder and back pain. As a system, the back and neck work together, and when one is painful, that pain can radiate to the others.

The eco-foam is covered with 100 percent cotton, which should reduce the chance for an allergic reaction. The mat is created to comfortably cover your entire back. It's 25 inches long and 15 ¾ inches wide. Many other mats do not reach to the lower back.

It's available in 7 colors, so you can match the décor in your room or with the outfit you wear to relax. It comes in blue, green, pink, gray, orange, black, and purple. Colors are meant to create a relaxing atmosphere, which you should consider when making a choice.​

Things That Customers Like

  • At night, customers find themselves so relaxed that they've almost fell asleep on the mat.
  • When using the mat, many found that it created a natural heat source that worked into the muscles.
  • With one week of use, customers have said they already noticed a huge difference.

Things That Customers Don't Like

  • The quality of each mat seems to be different.
  • Some customers find it painful to lay on it.

4. HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

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If you are looking for an affordable acupressure mat, then the HemingWeigh mat is the device for you. We also love the name. With 8,820 pressure points, you can be assured that the mat will give you the therapy that you need.

The mat is also 29 inches long. This is longer than most of the mats on the market, so if you are taller than most or are looking for a mat with more coverage, then this one has you, ahem, covered.

This mat also comes with a pillow. A little added comfort for your neck can go a long way when you are lying on the floor. The pillow can also be used as a lumbar support under your back or as a foot massager, pinpointing the reflexology points on your feet.

When laying on an acupressure mat, the chronic pain can be reduced by focused concentration on the tiny pressure points. In fact, it works much like meditation, but there's a rush of endorphins after use that result in a heat that permeates the area. Many people use it daily to ensure that they are able to hold onto that overall muscle warmth instead of the pain.

The mat and pillow set comes with instructions to help the user manage the pressure correctly to see the best results.

Things That Customers Like

  • It takes 30 seconds to adjust and breath through the pain. Once the pain is gone, warmth and euphoria set into the body is the feeling reported by more than one customer.
  • Customers said that tender points of the body weren't cured, but pain and tight muscles were reduced.
  • Many users report that the neck pain from desk and computer work can be excruciating. After 20 minutes on the mat, most of the pain is gone. Sleep is possible for customers of this mat.

Things That Customers Don't Like

  • The quality of the mats differ, much like the ProSource product.
  • The pillow can be too soft.

5. Spoonk Hemp Acupressure Massage Mat with Carry Bag

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​The company has a mission to provide customers with eco-friendly products made from natural materials. This hemp acupressure mat uses 100 percent natural hemp and cotton. They also use a plant-based eco-friendly foam for the interior of the mat. The outer cover is mostly hemp over cotton, where the other on this list is more cotton than hemp. It's 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton.

The eco-foam is made in the U.S. with a soy base for the lining. The foam doesn't have manufactured chemicals like PBDEs, which are used as fire retardants. There are 6,200 spikes, but none are attached with toxic glues. Heat pressure is used to make sure the points stay on the mat and to ensure that glues and plastics are not used in the mat at all.

The hemp mat comes in a variety of colors: cherry red, lilac green, dark blue, purple, red, sage, brown, and sea-grass green. These colors are all created without AZO dyes.

Things That Customers Like

  • Customers report that the hemp version of the mat is the highest quality.
  • A few customers have had their chiropractor recommend this company specifically.
  • Customers found that after a few weeks of laying on the mat before bed, they had a deeper, more restful sleep.

Things That Customers Don't Like

  • The spikes are a little too hard.
  • No instructions with the mat on use.


​While some new users found that acupressure mats are too uncomfortable or painful, many found incredible benefits with the mats, especially when paired with the pillow for neck tension and pain. Below are the results of the acupressure mats review in terms of happy customers and real results achieved with the acupressure mats. The recommendation is based on the best overall and the best mat for the money.

The Best Overall Acupressure Mat

Due to the high volume of positive customer reviews, this is determined to be the best overall acupressure mat. The mat itself is a boon to the environment with its organic hemp material and ecologically friendly foam. Even the beautiful dyes used on the mats are good for the environment, which means it's healthy for the person lying on it each night.

While there are no instructions for this mat, you can use our instructions, which are applicable to every acupressure mat.

The Best Acupressure Mat for the Money

This acupressure mat had many positive reviews as well, but didn't have the eco-friendly materials and care taken with production like the Spoonk. Overall, it's a great product for the money, though. It had a healthy amount of spikes for overall acupressure purposes and had a separate pillow for targeting neck pain.

Extended Buyer's Guide: What to Know About Acupressure Mats

​Acupressure mats are based on the world of acupuncture and massage pressure. History has shown us many alternative medical applications for the “bed of nails” - that the acupressure mat is fashioned after - in both India and China as principles of alternative medicine.


There are no sharp needles or bed of nails – rusty or otherwise. The points are often a plastic base encircling a button or flower. There are thousands of spikes or points, so weight is distributed evenly and none should poke unnecessarily hard.

The result is a surprising warmth that spreads from each point to the next so the entire back is heated and relaxed.

What to Look For When Buying an Acupressure Mat?

Features: One of the most important things to look for in an acupressure mat is the number of contact points. Much like acupuncture, you can imagine acupressure as needles being used to stimulate pressure points in your body. The more points stimulated, the better the results.

The other features you will think about will depend on your needs. If you need a pillow, then get one with a pillow. If a bag is a must, get one with a bag.

Budget: Generally, the more you spend, the better the unit, though that is not always the case. You will pay more for more features, but you can still get a really good unit at a reasonable price. Find out your needs, then find out the price. If you can afford to upgrade to a better unit or more features, then we would recommend you do so.

How do you wash it?: You will not be able to wash these units in your washer and dryer, especially if there any electronic components. You will most likely be hand washing your mat. Think about how easy this will be depending on the size and features of the mat.

Warranty: Make sure to check as many reviews as you can. Is the unit durable? If so, you may want to skip the warranty. If the unit is expensive, it may make sense to invest in a warranty for it. What warranty comes as standard with your unit? This may add some cost-effectiveness to a more expensive unit.

Acupressure Mat Benefits

Users see a wide range of benefits, which are often a direct result of the pain and tension they are experiencing:

  • Sleep improvement after minimal use.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Eased muscle tension.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Better digestion.
  • Weight loss due to increased metabolism.

Happy hormones oxytocin and endorphins are what brings on the euphoria that many people experience. These are natural chemicals released in the body to combat pain.

How to Use an Acupressure Mat Properly

To receive the maximum benefit when using the mat, follow these instructions for your acupressure mat. Start slowly with a few minutes at a time and then work up to a longer time.

Step 1: Spread the mat on a flat surface. If you can't make it onto the floor, use a bed or a couch that is relatively firm and flat.

Step 2: Adjust your body carefully onto the mat without allowing your full weight to press in any of the contacts more firmly than the others. You might need to wear a thicker shirt or lay a sheet or blanket on the mat the first few times.

Step 3: You might need to place a rolled towel under your neck if the mat didn't come with an acupressure pillow.

Step 4: After settling onto the mat, breath slow and even through the initial pain. It will be uncomfortable and painful at first.

Step 5: If you can breath through the initial pain, it begins to lessen. For those who can't breath through the pain, you can slowly build up the time you are on the mat over a few days.

Step 6: For the first few times you're on the mat, try to last 5 minutes. After some success, increase the time to 10 minutes and beyond. You can build up to 40 minutes for the best results.

Step 7: After some time, users report they've fallen asleep while on the mat. You can remove the mat when you awaken.

Step 8: Toxins might be released during a session on the mat, so it's vital that water is consumed to flush the toxins from the body.

Step 9: Over time, you might use the mat on other parts of your body.

Are There Real Results with the Acupressure Mats? Do Acupressure Mats Really Work?

Acupressure Mat Woman

There are papers and research studies that speak to the results that can be experienced with the acupressure mats. Test subjects were given a normal mat, and they were compared with those who used the acupressure mats. Tests were published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, which showed that subjects using the acupressure mat saw increased blood flow and circulation. They reported healing effects.

There have been studies that show just 15 minutes a day are needed to reduce pain significantly in many subjects who had back and neck pain, too.

Warnings Related to Acupressure Mat Usage

  • Those with high blood pressure or severe blood circulation issues shouldn't use the mats.
  • Pregnant or women who are breastfeeding shouldn't use the mats.
  • Children under 7 years old should not use the mats. Older children should be supervised.
  • Using the mat incorrectly can lead to injury. Never jump or rub on the mat.
  • Those with epilepsy shouldn't use the mats.
  • The acupressure mats are not a cure for depression or other conditions.
  • Never use the mat against an open wound.

First published on July 14th, 2017
Last updated on May 11th, 2018

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