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Jeanette is a big believer in the benefits of massage. She want to help people find natural ways to relieve pain. In her spare time, she enjoy yoga and pilates.

Should You Eat Before a Massage?

Your stomach is growling and it’s less than an hour until your massage appointment.  You feel hungry and all you want to do is put something in your stomach, but will it be OK to eat something before your massage? Note: This post contains affiliate links.  Please see disclosure for more information. Table of Contents  Should […]

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Indian Head Massage Benefits and Risks

People have used Indian head massage techniques for thousands of years.  Originally, it was believed to keep long hair healthy and strong. Over time, the approach has expanded to cover the neck, shoulders, and upper arms too.  Indian head massage is actually a safe and simple therapy to do at home.  In this guide, we will […]

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