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Jeanette has been a professional massage therapist since 1998. She devotes her life to helping those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain. She's also a Pilates instructor and has a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN).

4 Important Benefits of Heat Therapy

Athletes often suffer from pulled muscles, cramping, and soreness in their bodies. How often have you woken up with a cramp in your hamstring or a sore neck? That makes us athletes, right? We can do it in our sleep. On a more serious note, muscle pain is a serious issue, and it afflicts all people, […]

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The 5 Benefits of Massage for Athletes

After heavy workouts or competitions, athletes turn to private massages to relax the muscles, which helps to a quicker recovery. Massages are also a must for injury prevention and they speed up rehabilitation. For those with an active lifestyle, massage is more than a luxury.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of massage for athletes. Note: […]

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