Best Eye Massagers: A Smart Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Do you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes that just won’t go away? 

You know you need to get more sleep but it doesn’t seem possible in the foreseeable future.  Maybe you’ve tried different serums and creams but it doesn’t make a noticeable difference.  

If you want to improve the skin around your eyes, try using an eye massager.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

When it comes to buying an eye massager, there are quite a few options to choose from.  In this guide, I will explain more about how to choose the best eye massagers.

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Benefits of Eye Massagers

Eye massagers can work wonders for your appearance. It won’t take long to notice a difference in the dark circles under your eyes. The fine lines and puffiness will also become less noticeable. Some eye massage devices can help eye creams go deeper into your skin. Continued use will reduce the signs of aging.

In addition to improving your appearance, eye massagers can also improve how you feel. Immediately you will notice stress will ease. As stress melts away, you will find that you are more relaxed and sleep is more restorative.  Massage also reduces eye strain.

If you suffer from dry eyes, an eye massager should help.  It stimulates tear production which helps to dissolve tear duct blockages.

Finally, eye massagers may help with migraines. You can target certain points on your face (such as your temples) that will help calm nerves and relieve headaches.  Alternatively, you may like these eyes masks for migraines.

women with headache at computer

How to Choose an Eye Massager Device

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the different eye massagers available on the market today (in addition to facial massaging tools). To decide which one is the best eye massager for you, there are a few key factors to consider.

Type of Eye Massager

There are basically two types of eye massagers - ones that you wear and ones that are a wand/roller. These wearable eye massagers look like virtual reality headsets that you put on to get a massage while the rollers or wands need to be held in your hand during the massage.

Most wearable massagers usually have a cushioning around the edges so it doesn’t irritate your skin. They also often offer several different massage and heat settings.

Some rollers/wands offer different massage and heat settings too while others are completely manual. For the most part, this type of massagers is cheaper than the wearable ones.


To get the benefits from your massager, it needs to be comfortable.  If your skin is sensitive, make sure the material it is made of is not irritating.  Wearable eye massagers need to be easy to adjust so you can get the perfect fit.

Variety of Massage Settings

You want an eye massager that gives you the most options to customize your massage the way you like it.  For example, if you want to be able to use heat, make sure the massager can do that. Alternatively, you may prefer a roller where you can control the pressure manually.

Eye massager can also offer different types of massage like vibration, air pressure, shiatsu, or infrared therapy.  It’s also important that you can adjust the intensity to your liking. If you choose a manual eye massager, you are in charge of how the massage feels.

Some eye massagers can also play music which can help you relax.  I don’t think this is a make-or-break feature as it is easy enough to play music from another source.


There are a few different options when it comes to powering your eye massager.  With the manual rollers, you don’t need to worry about any power source because it uses your own power.  

Other types of eye massager machine either use batteries or are rechargeable.  Consider the cost of batteries if that it the power source for the massager you are thinking about buying.  I prefer massagers that can be charged by USB.


The price of eye massagers varies quite a bit depending on the type and of course the quality.  Think about how much you are willing to spend. There are eye massagers that will fit in most budgets.

Top Eye Massagers

The table below summarizes the best eye massager options. Following the table, you can find more detailed reviews of each one. 


Key Features


  • Offers air pressure, vibration, kneading, compression, and music
  • Bluetooth
  • Heat


  • Works by kneading and using trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massage
  • Nature sounds and music
  • Heat
  • Folds for easy portability


  • Uses a combination of air pressure, heating, vibration, hot compress, and music
  • Lightweight and folds down
  • Heat

Pretty See

  • Micro-current technology with about 10000 vibrations per minute
  • Compact
  • Heat


  • High-frequency micro vibration
  • Compact
  • Heat


  • Micro-current technology with 10,000 vibrations per minute
  • Heat
  • Compact

RENPHO Eye Massager

The RENPHO eye massager uses air pressure and two motors for acupressure-like results. This helps improve circulation around the eye, minimizing headaches and alleviating chronic pain.

In addition to air pressure, the massager can also provide vibration, kneading, heat compression, and music.  There are five modes to choose from - automatic, sleep, beauty, clear, and vitality. As you press the on/off button to change modes, the massager tells you which one it is in.

You can listen to the prerecorded music through the built-in speakers or connect via Bluetooth to play your own playlists.  The heating pads reach a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 F.

The headstrap for the RENPHO is adjustable so it will fit most people.  This massager comes with a carrying case to make it easier to take with you on the go.  It uses a long-lasting lithium battery that can be recharged through any USB interface.

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What Customers Like

  • The Bluetooth allows you to use any music you like.
  • Easy to use, with five different modes
  • The massager heats up quickly.

What Customers Don't Like

  • The music it comes with (but you can use other music with the Bluetooth connection)

Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager

Breo uses traditional Chinese medical science in the design of its massagers so it’s no surprise they are effective.  You will feel the stress disappear as soon as you start using your Breo eye massager and then reap additional benefits after continued use.

This eye massager machine works by kneading and using trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massage along with heat to stimulate blood flow.  It has infrared heat that reaches 104F.  

You can use the on/off button to change to your preferred mode (Sleep, Medium, and Hard).  It also has a timer. There are several nature sounds to choose from including waterfalls, chirping birds, and ocean waves that will also help with relaxation and induce sleep.

Over time you will notice softer your skin.  The eye massage mask can also help with stress, eye strain, eye puffiness, sinus pressure, and headaches.  Combine the ocular massage with a warm compress routine to stimulate tear production and open pores. This helps to dissolve tear duct blockages and improve dry eye conditions.

The Breo iSee4 fits both men and women as the elastic strap makes it easy to adjust to any head size.  The cover fabric is soft and hypoallergenic making it comfortable. Since it is wireless, has a long-lasting battery, and folds up, it is practical to take with you to the office or on a trip. 

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What Customers Like

  • Offers different pressure levels and heat.
  • Comfortable to wear and portable.
  • Long-lasting battery

What Customers Don't Like

  • Music is irritating, but can be turned off.
  • Costs more than other eye massagers.

Fronnor Eye Massager

This massager mask has a futuristic look, but it’s the intelligent massage modes that put it on this list.  It uses a combination of air pressure, heating, vibration, hot compress, and music to relieve eye fatigue, headaches, eye soreness, puffiness, and dry eyes.  

When you use this massager it hits on all the acupuncture points surrounding the eye and helps to increase blood circulation and soothe the ocular muscles.  Before long, you will improve your sleep and the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

You can choose from four modes - Energy, Relax, Relieve, and Sleeping - using the on/off button.  It also has a timer. The soft music can be controlled separately. The built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107F.

It is rechargeable, lightweight, and folds down so that it doesn’t take much space to store or carry around.  The tightness of the headband can be adjusted to fit most facial shapes. It has a soft inner cloth for comfort.  

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What Customers Like

  • Comfortable fit and massage is relaxing.
  • Multiple massage modes and heat.
  • Lightweight and portable.

What Customers Don't Like

  • Wish it had Bluetooth
  • Sounds of air pumps can be distracting

Pretty See Eye Massager Wand

The Pretty See Eye Massager uses micro-current technology with about 10000 vibrations per minute to improve circulation, help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, fine-lines, puffiness, and circles under the eyes.  It can also be safely used on the areas around your nose and mouth. 

In addition to the vibrations, you can choose to add heat (107F).  This helps relax your eyes and open pores, which will better absorb serums and lotions.  The head of the massager is made from natural jade which feels good against your sensitive skin.

This massager is compact and can easily fit in your purse or cosmetic bag so that you can take it with you wherever you go.  It comes with a carrying bag to prevent scratches. Charge it through a USB port and the battery will last about a month with normal use.

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What Customers Like

  • Small so ideal for those that want to use it on the go.
  • Works well for massaging other parts of the face too.

What Customers Don't Like

  • Not waterproof, so can't be used in the shower.

SODPE Eye Massager

This facial massager pen uses a high-frequency micro vibration and magnetic heat therapy to relieve eye fatigue, reduce fine lines and dark circles.  You can use it as an under eye massager.  It also helps skin care products penetrate the skin and improves hydration.

The SODPE massager is easy to use.  It activates only when the massage head is pressing against your skin and you are pressing the tail end. It will stop once you release it or if you use it for too long.

It’s small enough to fit in your purse (or pocket) to take with you use on the go.  It features USB charging and the battery will last a month if you use the massager for five minutes a day.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

What Customers Like

  • Very affordable.
  • Simple to use and heats up quickly.
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for travel.

What Customers Don't Like

  • Not waterproof, so cannot be used in the shower.

LANDWIND Ionic Eyes Facial Massager Wand 

This heated eye massager is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  It is wear-resistant, durable, and gives an effective massage with 10,000 vibrations per minute.

The LANDWIND massager wand uses micro-current technology to firm and tighten skin.  With continued use, you can reduce fine lines like crow’s feet. Turn on the heat feature to stimulate circulation and reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

You can easily fit this eye massage tool in your purse to use on the go.  It comes with a long-lasting lithium ion battery that is rechargeable.

What Customers Like

  • Looks nice and works well with skin-care products.
  • Small and portable, you can use it anywhere.
  • Can be used to massage other parts of your face.
  • Easy to use and clean.

What Customers Don't Like

  • Not waterproof so cannot be used in the shower.

What is the best massager for eyes?

When you are deciding which eye massager to buy, first decide if you prefer a mask or wand.   Keep in mind that the mask eye massagers will be more expensive than the wands.  Choose any of the eye massagers on our list and you will see the benefits after regular use.  

The Best Mask Eye Massage Machine

Breo iSee4

This is an improved version of the popular iSee3.  It uses a variety of massage options and heat to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and to help you get better sleep.

The Best Wand Eye Massager

Pretty See Eye Massager Wand

The tip of this eye massager is natural jade which feels great and is very effective.  You can combine the vibrations with hot or cold setting to rebuild your skin collagen, tighten up the pores, help creams absorb better into skin, eliminate under-eye bags, and reduce fine lines.  It also easy to take with you wherever you go.

Can You Use a Facial Massager Instead of an Eye Massager?

You can use a facial massager to target the area around your eyes as well, but in most cases, an eye massager is going to do a better job.  Eye massagers are specifically designed for your eyes which is the most sensitive area on your face.

Some of the wand/roller eye massagers can also be used on other parts of your face.  If you are looking for a dual purpose massager, make sure that the product is designed to do both.

How to Use an Eye Massager

Each massager may be slightly different so it’s best to read the instructions before use.  The manual will tell you how long you should use it for, when to apply skin care products (before or after the massage), and other specifics for the eye massager device.

When using eye massager masks, you will find it most relaxing to use while lying down.  If you can’t lie down, then it’s best to sit.

If you are using a massager wand, then it may be easiest to position yourself in front of a mirror.  Pay attention to the instructions so you know the direction to move the massager around your eyes. There may be some that are waterproof which could be used in the shower, but be sure to confirm in the manual before attempting to use in water.

How Often Should You Use an Eye Massager?

Eye massagers can be used daily as a part of your normal skincare routine.  Of course, if you notice any skin irritation you should stop immediately and contact your doctor.

close up of a woman's eyes

What is the Best Time to Use an Eye Massager?

Most people tend to use their eye massagers just before going to bed.  It’s a good way to wind down and relax before falling asleep.

You might also like to try your eye massager after watching tv, reading, or using your computer or phone.  It can also be an easy way to relax during your lunch break.

How Long Will it Take to See Results from Eye Massage?

You will starts seeing some benefits like stress reduction and headache relief after your first use.  Other results will take more time.  How long depends on how often you use the massager and what results you are looking for.

woman pointing out bags under eyes

Are Eye Massagers Safe?

For most people, using an eye massager is safe but those that have diabetes, cataracts, a retina condition, any eye injuries/infections, or have had an eye operation should consult their doctor before trying one.

Eye massagers are not toys and should not be used by young children without parental supervision.

Also, it is a good idea to remove contact lenses before beginning your eye massage.

See the infographic below for tips on how to prevent eye fatigue.

yoga tips for eye to prevent fatigue infographic

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