Best Massage Chair Pads

Don't waste time sitting in a plain chair, when you can easily turn it into a spa experience with a massage chair pad.   It's an easy upgrade that can improve your mood and reduce muscle tension.

You will be surprised at the quality of massage you can get from a chair pad.   It can be easily customized to your needs and many have a heat feature to help relax tight muscles.

Let's take a look at the best massage chair pads so that you can find the right one for you.

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Benefits of a Massage Chair Pad

In case you are wondering why you need to buy a massage chair pad, let's take a look at some of the benefits.

To begin with, you won't need an appointment for a massage.  Simply take a break and sit down in a chair with the pad when you feel the need for a massage.  Reduce stress, tension, improve your sleep, and reap the benefits of regular massage.

A chair massager pad can also help to improve your posture.  It encourages you to sit back it your chair instead of slouching.   Good posture makes you look more trim and helps to prevent against pain.

Think of all the money you can save by getting massages at home instead of at a spa.  Professional massage start at around $50 per hour, so it doesn't take many session to recoop the purchase price for a massage pad.  It is also much cheaper than buying a recliner massage chair.

Additionally, a massaging chair pad is much more portable than a massage chair.  You can use it at home and then take it with you to use at the office or when you travel.  Some also come with adapters so they can be used as a car massager too.

The Top-Rated Massage Chair Pads

Now that you understand why you should get a massage chair pad, let's take a look at some of the most popular options.  The table provides a summary of the top massage chair pads and more detailed reviews of each one are below.


Key Features

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • 4 massage functions
  • Can target specific problem areas
  • Heat

HoMedics Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion

  • 4 massage types
  • Options can be controlled by smartphone app
  • Heat

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

  • 3 massage types
  • Has a UL approval desktop home adapter
  • Heat

RENPHO S-Shaped Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

  • Ergonomically designed to provide more coverage on back
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Heat

FIVE S FS8812 Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

  • Offers vibration massage only
  • Offers different intensities, massage programs, and zones
  • Heat

Massage Chair Pads Reviews

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular massage chair pads so that you can choose the best one for you.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

This chair pad massager uses innovative 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu, Rolling, Air compression, Vibration and Heat functions to soothe muscles and ease tension like a spa massage. It has four rotation nodes that move in an inward and outward motion for a deep kneading massage for the upper back.

You will get a massage tailored to you and preferences. The width between the two massage heads can be adjusted to fit the body. The air massage function has three intensity levels so you can get a deep tissue massage if you need it.

The spot massage function allows you to concentrate the massage on one area to target knots. You can also choose to focus the massage on the lower, upper, or full back. The full back massager has an optional infrared heat function on the Shiatsu nodes that delivers gentle warmth to further relax tense muscles.

This massager fits on a sofa, office chair, recliner, or dining chair so that you can enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home. If this massage chair pad does not meet your expectations for any reason, you can return it for full refund within 30 days.

Read more reviews and check the current price here.

What Customers Like

  • High-quality with removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Four massage functions and options heat
  • Feels like a spa massage

What Customers Don't Like

  • Can't be used in the car

HoMedics Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion

All the features of this high-tech massager can be controlled from your smartphone using an app.  You can create your own massage programs, or use the programmed controller, which allows you to select three different massage zones and spots.

This Homedics chair pad offers four different massage styles including:

  • Deep-kneading shiatsu which will concentrate on pressure points
  • Gentle rolling to work away aches and discomfort
  • Invigorating percussion to aggressively work the muscles and get your blood flowing
  • A combination of shiatsu and percussion combination that alternates between the two massage techniques

Since the seat cushion massager also reverses direction, you the option of a traveling massage or targeted spot massage to pinpoint a specific area.  If you like, you can also add heat to help penetrate tired muscles in your neck, back and shoulders.  It can make your massage even more soothing and relaxing

Your Perfect Touch Massage Seat has an integrated strapping system that fits most chairs snugly.  It can also be easily adjusted to fit any height so that the whole family can use this heated massager.

Read more reviews and check the current price here.

What Customers Like

  • Can be controlled using your smart phone
  • Four different massage styles and optional heat
  • Provides a powerful massage

What Customers Don't Like

  • More expensive than other massage chair pads
  • It can't be used in the car

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The massage chair pad features four unique neck massage nodes that can give your neck and shoulder a deep tissue massage that will soothe tired and sore muscles. Massage nodes can be adjusted up & down to the height that allows any member of the family to use this massager. 

It also has four shiatsu massaging nodes that travel up and down relaxing your entire back.  These shiatsu balls have an optional heating function to calm your muscles and improve your blood circulation.

In addition to the shiatsu nodes,  there is a roller that goes along your spine that can be adjusted to your desired width and vibration massage in the seat for your hip and thighs.  You can adjust the intensity for stronger or softer massage.

This massager has three massage zones (Full Back, Upper Back, and Lower Back) so you can focus the massage where you need it most. The spot massage function allows you to concentrate the kneading nodes on small area that may need extra attention.  

Use this massage cushion on a sofa, recliner, office chair or dinning chair to make it the most comfortable seat in the house. It has an integrated strapping system to secures it place.  The chair pad comes with a UL approval desktop home adapter which is safe to use with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlets.

Read more reviews and check the current price here.

What Customers Like

  • Neck massage function feels like a professional massage
  • Nice to have the ability to focus on different areas
  • Straps keep the massage pad in place

What Customers Don't Like

  • Can't be used in the car
  • Not recommended for tall people

RENPHO S-Shaped Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

This Back Massager Cushion has an ergonomic S-shaped design that is based on the curve of the body.   The innovative design helps it fits more comfortably and massage a larger area.  It has an optional heat function that adds a gentle warmth to soothe tense muscles and improve circulation.

The massage chair pad features four powerful neck massage nodes that can give your neck and shoulders a deep tissue massage to relieve those tired and tight muscles. The massage pillow can be adjusted vertically adjustable to fit most family members regardless of height.

The Renpho chair pad has three massage zones (Full Back, Upper Back, and Lower Back) so you can control the area of focus.  It also has a spot function so you can concentrate the kneading nodes on specific point. This back massager can also reach down low to target the pain points that other massage cushions can not touch.

The ultra-thin design makes this massage pad lightweight and easy to take with you on the go. It is made of high-quality polyurethane leather so it is durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Use this back massager on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair, or dining chair.  It has an integrated strapping system that will secure it on most chairs.

Read more reviews and check the current price here.

What Customers Like

  • Massager offer good coverage across entire back
  • Can target specific areas or entire back as needed 
  • Strap keeps it in place 

What Customers Don't Like

  • Can't be used in a car

FIVE S FS8812 Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

This invigorating massage seat cushion from Five Star has 10 vibration motors for your neck, shoulders, back, and thighs plus soothing heat for your back. The combination of a vibration massage and heat therapy will help increase circulation and relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress.

Note: This is not a Shiatsu kneading massager. It only does vibration massage.

While the Five Star massage chair pad only does vibration massage, it still has a lot of options for customizing you massage,  There are three different massage speeds, four unique massage programs, and the option to add heat.  There are four separate zones that can be selected for a concentrated massage on one zone or any combination of zones.

It's made of soft plush fabric and has plenty of padding.  There are four adjustable straps to secure the massage cushion in place.  It also has built-in overheat protection and will automatically shut off in 30 minutes.

This massage pad is perfect for the home, office, or even your car.  It comes with a car adapter and AC adapter (110-220v AC).  If you don't love this massager, you can return it within 30 days.   It also has a three year warranty. 

Read more reviews and check the current price here.

What Customers Like

  • Lots of options for customization
  • Affordable
  • Can be used as a car massager too

What Customers Don't Like

  • Only provides a vibration massage.

What is the Best Massage Chair Pad? 

The Best Overall Massage Chair Pad

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The Comfier Massage Chair pad comes the closest to feeling like a real professional massage.  It offers several different types of massage and insensity levels plus heat.  You also have the ability to pinpoint areas that need more attention.  

The Best Massage Chair Pad for the Money

FIVE S FS8812 Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

While this massager doesn't offer shiatesu massage, the vibration massage can be more than satisfying for some.  It's a bargain considering it can also be used in the car.

What to Look for in a Massage Chair Pad

How do you choose the right massage chair pad for you with all of the options out there in the market.  Let's go over some of the important factors to consider.

Massage Options

Everyone is different when it comes to the type of massage that they prefer.   For example, some like shiatsu massage instead of vibration.  Others want to be able to have a heated or more intense massage.

When you buy a massage chair pad, you need to make sure that it has the massage options that you (and other users) desire.  If you are not sure about your preferences, try to choose one that has more features if possible.

It's also important that the chair massager pad is easy to use.  If you can't figure out how to customize the massage, than it's not worth paying for those functions.


One of the reasons that you would choose a massage pad over a massage chair is portability, but some are more portable than others.

  • Is it lightweight?
  • Will it easily fit different types of chairs?
  • Does it come with an adapter so that you can use it as a car massager too?
  • Is it easy to carry? Some pads have a handle.


If the massage chair pad is not comfortable, you are not going to want to use it.  You want something that has suffient cushioning so it feels pleasant.  Also, make sure it has some sort of mechanism so that it will stay in place on the chair.


The massager needs to deliver the desired results.  If you buy the chair pad to help with you back pain, you want to feel a noticeable difference.  Think about the reason, you want to buy the massager and check reviews to get a feel for how effective it will be.


It's always important to take your budget into consideration when buying new gadgets.  Thankfully, massage pads come in a range of prices.  When deciding how much to spend on a massage chair pad, don't forget to consider the savings that you can acheive by reducing the amount of professional masssages you might get.

Massage Chair Pad FAQs

Are these massage chair pads good for tall people?

I know it is difficult to find a massage chair for a tall person, so a chair pad can be a good alternative.  In most cases, they are designed to fit (adjust to) all sizes.

Does a massage chair pad make a good gift?

Yes! Who wouldn't want a massage chair pad? It's an especially thoughtful gift for someone that has back pain.  You don't have to worry about the fit as most pads will fit (or adjust to) most people.

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